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to move from the early storyline like harbaugh, they're brothers, to real honest to goodness football. so mindy is in santa clara. no one is covering the run like comcast sports has. that 49ers defense, they have their hands full preparing for that tough ravens offense, don't they? >> absolutely. they may have an ace up their sleeve. everyone talks about jim and john harbaugh. the one person who may know more head coach of the ravens more than jim harbaugh is defensive coordinator fangio. he spent four years on the baltimore ravens staff. his last two were harbaugh's coach. the game plan for the ravens in the super bowl he's down playing his knowledge matters much. fangio will have most of his defensive game plan installed before the team leaves for the big easy. >> pretty much. i think it's good to save something out for that week in new orleans. >> reporter: fangio is not giving in. part of the knowledge he has comes from the four years spent on the ravens coaching staff under john harbaugh. >> there's a few players that are still there. obviously the quarterback and the running back, r
. >>> who has it better than us? nobody! >> and you wonder where jim harbaugh gets his enthusiasm. they're fun, they're candid. we're talking about the harbaugh parents. an exclusive bay area one-on-one. >> and it's not your average cover story, the local man who has turned into a passion project. >>> officials are testing a system that will ultimately change the way millions of drivers pay their toll on the golden gate bridge. officials began testing this morning. drivers didn't notice a change. how exactly does it work? >> we've added a new layer. you'll get a bill in the mail. at that will generate a bill to your address. that's the backup plan. >> it is expected to go all electronics. it will be the first to do so. it would save about $19 million over eight years. >> we remember vinyl. many of you have never used it. talking record players here. >> the story tonight isn't what's on the record. it's about what the record comes in. a bay area man spreading his love of album art. >> right when rock 'n' roll was in its inception, we loved the music. >> reporter: like so many bitten by t
, it was a family of reunion that no one expected coming up, how ravens head coach john harbaugh punked his own parents this morning. >> and 38 million meals and counting. the next chapter is here for a san francisco institution for the needy. >>> take a look at this, a water main broke under the road in greenbrae early this morning near sir francis drake boulevard. the break was capped but about a dozen homes are still without water and might be for some time. chp officers tell us water was shooting six feet into the hour air for about an hour and a half. >> it took hours to change the life of an east bay veteran. 80 volunteers from the home depot foundation converged on the pittsburg home of 29-year-old sean naval. he and his wife bought their dream home three years ago with plans to fix it up, but a bullet left him unable to do the renovation. today their mess was transformed with a paved patio, a fire pit and per go la for shade. but there was also some artificial grass which is low maintenance and wheelchair friendly. >> home depot and the company they work with, it's great that they can g
harbaugh spoke with the media and he told everyone what this trip means to his team. >> this is pretty cool. this is pretty exciting. we're excited to be here. we're thrilled to be here. on behalf of the baltimore ravens, the entire organization, the city, the greater baltimore area, maryland. ravens fans everywhere, we're proud to be participants in the sup super bowl. we'll do our best to play our best in this game. >> so both teams in town. now we'll have to wait until sunday for super bowl xlvii. coming up later on in the 6:00, we're going to have the streets of the crescent city. that's coming up later on in sports. and, raj, i'm going to work on that extra ticket for you. from the banks of the mississippi, i'm jim kozimor. >> and jessica. >> don't forget about me! don't leave me out of this. >> no, no. just one ticket. just one ticket, no, no, no. >> i'll fight raj for it. thank you, jim. okay, there's a new super bowl bet that ensures someone is going to be crabby after the game. dianne feinstein and boxer have waged a -- senators will send along crab, napa wine and northern californ
caolin kaepernick and jim harbaugh, there's a lot of players responsible for the 49ers' success. let's bring in loren scott. >> reporter: you know he loves art, curling, and he loves this racky running back. he's really a great guy. watch the story right here right now. high school football star in texas and a heisman trophy finalist is a running back at oregon. now a rookie in the super bowl. james knows winning. he's been in major bowl games and starring roles and always seems to be in championship moments with successful teams. >> i'm really blessed to be in the situation i'm in. i got drafted to a great team and i was fortunate enough to watch for a long period of time just to get an understanding of the nfl. >> reporter: now he's in the thick of things, a key touchdown in the championship game in atlanta part of this journey to new orleans. something he is certainly savoring. >> it means a lot to work hard the whole season, training camp. it's been a long journey to get to this point we worked so hard for. it's not done yet. we're trying to get that "w." >> reporter: so much suc
. >> everyone did excited. we can't wait to get there. >> coach harbaugh knows this should be a fun time, too. >> i want them to enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. and that's the most exciting thing to look forward to is playing the game, that ball being kicked off and working together, fighting together, playing together for a chance to win a championship. >> reporter: the 49ers leave sunday from here at their practice facility at around noon. they should arrive in new orleans for super bowl week at around 7:15 p.m. new orleans time. from santa clara i'm john henry smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, john henry. the number 13 doesn't sound like that big of a number, but it is when you're talking about field goals. david akers missed 13 in the regular season and he enters the big game with the fourth lowest field goal percentage of any super bowl kicker since 1990. one more miss last week and akers is searching for some answers. >> not a great practice season and training camp and pregame and all that, so, i mean, one of those things that's a head scratcher. i'm just
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6